1、Individual summer puddings

The crowning glory of English puddings, Gordon Ramsay combines summer fruits to perfection. Step-by-step guide

Individual summer puddings recipe


  • 1kg mixed berries, such as raspberries, blueberries, redcurrants, blackberries and strawberries, plus a few extra to serve
  • 50g caster sugar
  • 4 tbsp Crème de Cassis (or water)
  • large (approx 800g) loaf white bread, sliced


Discard any that are squashy or overripe. Toss berries gently in a nonstick saucepan with sugar and Cassis or water. Heat the pan until it starts to sizzle. Cook over a medium heat for 2-3 mins or until the fruits start to bleed and soften.
  • Stir gently, then cool to room temperature. Strain fruit through a plastic sieve into a non-metallic bowl for about 10 mins or until the juices stop dripping.
  • Have 8 cappuccino or tea cups (about 200ml) ready. Using 2 cutters (approx 10cm and 6cm, but check against the tops and bottoms of your cups), cut out 8 bread rounds of each size. Cut the crusts off 8 more slices and slice in half. These strips should be approximately the same depth as the cups.
  • Dip the small rounds of bread into the reserved juices and press into the cups. Dip the straight slices in the juice and press around the sides. Spoon in the fruits, pressing down with the back of a spoon to firm. Dip the last of the bread rounds into the juice; press down on top. Chill overnight.
  • When ready to serve, loosen bread tops with the tip of a table knife. Hold a dessert plate over the pudding, then turn upside down, shaking well. The puddings should slip out easily; if not, loosen the sides gently with the knife. Pour any remaining juice over the tops of puddings. Decorate with the remaining fruit; serve with pouring cream.

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    2、Barbecued leg of pork with grilled summer vegetables

    Butterflying a boneless leg of pork helps it to cook quicker. Serve with fennel, peppers, courgettes and spring onions charred to perfection
    Barbecued leg of pork with grilled summer vegetables recipe


    • handful bay leaves
    • handful rosemary sprigs
    • handful thyme sprigs
    • 4 garlic cloves
    • 3 tbsp olive oil
    • 4 tbsp cider vinegar
    • 2-3kg boneless, skinless pork leg, butterflied into 1 piece
    • handful parsley leaves, chopped
    • 2 fennel bulbs, cut into wedges, fronds picked and kept separate
    • bunch spring onions, green parts finely sliced and kept separate, whites trimmed but left whole
    • 1 red pepper, deseeded and cut into large chunks
    • 1 yellow pepper, deseeded and cut into large chunks
    • 3 courgettes, cut on an angle into long slices
    • 2 tbsp olive oil
    • juice ½ lemon


    1. Using a pestle and mortar, bash and bruise the bay, rosemary and thyme with the garlic, olive oil and 1 tbsp of the vinegar, plus some seasoning. Smear the mixture all over the meat to marinate. Can be done up to 24 hrs ahead.
    2. Set aside the fennel fronds and sliced spring onions, and toss the rest of the vegetables in 1 tbsp of the olive oil and some seasoning. Build your barbecue so that there is a higher pile of coals on one side and a lower pile on the other. Light the barbecue and, when the coals are ashen, grill the vegetables (be careful that the asparagus and spring onions do not fall through the bars) until lightly charred and wilted. Scoop them into a dish and dress with the rest of the olive oil and the lemon juice, then scatter with the fennel fronds and sliced spring onions, and set aside.
    3. Now cook the pork. It needs to sizzle for 1 hr over a fairly low heat – the coals should be grey but, to ensure they don’t go out halfway through cooking, you may need to keep adding occasional coals. Lay the pork on the coolest side of the barbecue, fat-side down, and brown for about 20 mins until well charred (if you have a kettle barbecue, cover with the lid). Use tongs to flip the meat and continue to cook slowly for about 1 hr more, turning and moving the meat occasionally, until the thickest part is very firm when prodded, or when the juices show no sign of pink when pierced with a skewer. If you have a digital cooking thermometer, it should read 65C or more when inserted in the thickest part. (If the pork is organic, it’s fine if it’s a tiny bit pink, but you certainly don’t want it raw.)
    4. When the pork is cooked, place on a dish, scatter with parsley, drizzle over the rest of the vinegar and leave to rest somewhere warm for 15 mins. Carve the pork into thin slices on a board and serve with the just warm vegetables and vinegary resting juices.

    3、Pea, feta & summer herb frittata

    Use your favourite soft herbs in this thick grilled omelette with peas, cream cheese and courgette- we like dill, mint and parsley
    Pea, feta & summer herb frittata recipe


    • 300g new potato (such as Jersey Royals), halved if large
    • 4 eggs and 2 egg whites
    • splash of milk
    • 1 garlic clove, crushed
    • 1 tbsp gluten-free wholegrain mustard
    • handful mixed soft herbs, such as dill, mint and parsley, roughly chopped
    • 3 tbsp cream cheese
    • 1 tbsp olive oil
    • 1 courgette, coarsely grated
    • ½ tsp chilli flakes
    • 140g petits pois (defrosted if frozen)
    • 100g feta cheese, crumbled
    • 50g sundried tomato, drained and roughly chopped
    • 100g bag salad leaves, to serve


    1. Put the potatoes in a pan of salted water, bring to the boil, then simmer for 12-15 mins or until tender. Drain, leave to cool, then thinly slice. Whisk the eggs and egg whites with the milk, garlic, mustard and herbs, and season generously. Add the cream cheese and fold through just a little so that some lumps remain. Heat the grill to medium-high.
    2. Heat the oil over a medium heat in a 23cm non-stick frying pan. Add the potatoes and fry for about 5 mins, until they start to turn golden. Add the courgette and chilli flakes, and continue to fry for a couple mins more. Stir through the petit pois.
    3. Tip the egg mixture into the pan and scatter with the feta and tomatoes. Cook over a gentle heat for 10-12 mins until almost set. Pop the pan under the grill and cook for 3-5 mins until puffed, golden and cooked through. Cut into wedges and serve with a crisp green salad.

    4、Summer puddings

    Packed with berries
    Summer puddings recipe


    • 250g punnet strawberries, hulled
    • 125g punnet blueberries
    • 125g punnet blackberries
    • 85g golden caster sugar
    • 6 thin slices of bread from a gluten-free loaf, see tip below


    1. Cut strawberries in half, then put into a saucepan with other fruit, sugar and 3 tbsp water. Use a large saucepan so the fruit is in a shallow layer. Heat on low for 2-3 minutes until the juice runs from the fruit. Remove from the heat.
    2. Using biscuit cutters, stamp out four 5.5cm circles from the bread, then use a 7cm cutter for another 4 circles. Put the smaller circles into the base of four 175ml pudding basins.
    3. Spoon in the fruit, then top with the larger circles. Press down, then spoon over just enough juice to colour the bread red. Cover with cling film and put a weight (such as a jar of jam) on top. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours, or overnight. Reserve the remaining juice.
    4. To serve the puddings, uncover and run a knife around the edge. Put a serving plate over each one, then invert to release. Spoon the reserved juice over the puddings and serve.